17 Fun Gadgets Under $20 You Need In Your Life

17 Fun Gadgets Under $20 You Need In Your Life

My daughter asked me if I was having fun doing the laundry. I replied, ‘loads!’

Get it? Loads!

Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that bring us the most joy. Like silly jokes. Having fun is what life is all about.

Your happiness matters. Many of us tend to put other people’s happiness before our own. And that is a noble trait… but if you dig a little deeper, often you’ll find that you being happy is what makes those closest to you happy the most.

Now think about that for a moment… what makes you happy? What if you could be happier every day while doing even the most basic of tasks? What if cores actually made you happy? What if your everyday life was that little bit easier, would that make you happy?

What if making a cup of coffee, or doing the laundry brought you joy? Well, here’s the thing. There are plenty of awesome gadgets that help bring joy to our lives. Yeah, sometimes they’re a little cheesy, wacky or silly, but hey, you only live once, so why shouldn’t you enjoy every minute of every day?

Now, you could spend your money on all sorts of bizarre gear. From selfie sticks to fidget spinners, Bluetooth toothbrushes or smiley face printing toasters… but where does it stop? Blowing your hard-earned cash on gear that isn’t going to bring you joy may have the opposite effect. 

To make it a little easier, we’ve narrowed down our pick of fun gadgets you need in your life that won’t cost the earth. They’re $20 bucks or less. And because they aren’t expensive, you can afford to gift yourself a fun-filled gadget or two every now and then. Let’s take a closer look!

Game Over Coffee Mug

Have fun playing games? Get the same joy every time you brew your favourite cuppa. 

Adorable Cat Mug

Life's too short not to enjoy every moment. And what better way to live 9 lives than to enjoy every cuppa with this cute cat mug?


Cappuccino Art Stencils

Take your happiness to the next level with some decorative coffee art stencils. They’ll make the perfect addition to your coffee break. And help you bring joy to your guests as you amaze them with your creativity. Patterns include a flower, leaf, moon, lip, tree, love heart and more. 


Thermal Phone Case

This always-changing thermal phone cover is a fun way to change the look of your smartphone case. 

Mirror Makeup Phone Case

When you look good, you feel good. Check the smile on your dial before every Insta selfie with this awesome makeup and mirror smartphone flip phone case for iPhones. Never be without your makeup and a mirror again!


Mini USB Smartphone Fan

Now there’s no need to get hot under the collar. Stay cool with your very own compact, ultra-silent, easy to carry mini fan with you everywhere you go for the ultimate in personal cooling comfort. 

Cat Mouse Pad

Do you sit at a computer all day? Now you’ll crack a smile and have fun while you go about your day with this cool cat mousepad. Yeah okay, it's boarding on dad-joke status. But hey, you'll be the only cool cat in the office having all the fun!

cat mouse pad

Emoji Cushions

Life is too short to be happy all the time, and these novelty emoji pillows are a great way to have a little extra fun. They're also a super fun gift idea for that special person who has everything :P


Emoji Stickers

Put your favourite smiley emoji on everything in real life with these emoticon stickers! They're great fun in the office, at home, or with the kids.


Funny Pet Teeth Toy

Our pets bring us so much joy. Imagine if every moment with your beloved pet so was fun, you had no choice but to capture the moment for later, or share it with your friends on social media? With the Funny Pet Teeth Toy Ball, every game of fetch is just that and more!


Lego-style Silicone Mold

These are the building blocks of fantastic memories! Relive the happy times of your childhood and make your very own Lego-style brick ice cubes, crayons, soaps or even mini cupcakes.


Bathroom Toilet Decals

Have a giggle each time you go to the loo with these hilarious toilet stickers! With 10 variations to choose from, there's bound to be a gag to match almost every bathroom.


Dark Side Light Switch Sticker

Flip the switch on your home decor and have fun while you do it with this awesome light switch decal. Available in 6 colours, there's one to suit your interior styling. Come to the dark side today!

Novelty Trump Toilet Paper

If the stickers aren’t enough to make you smile, this novelty toilet paper is the perfect way to turn even the crappiest of days into you the happiest moments you’ve had since breakfast.


Pizza Bread Ballpoint Pen

Did you hear about the film editor at Hollywood who had a part-time job at a pizza parlour? He used to ask customers whether they wanted one splice or two. These novelty pens take arts and crafts to a whole new level!

Whatever I am Late Anyway Watch

Are you always running late? Your flexible punctuality is a result of being awesome, caring for others, and juggling 3 things at once, right? Don't sweat it - you're cool! Don’t let it get you down. This awesome watch is a timely reminder that life is too awesome to stress about running a few minutes late every now and then.

Wooden Puzzle Kong Lock

Have fun challenging visitors with this clever wooden puzzle. It’s the perfect brain teaser for the problem solvers among us.