Awesome dog stuff you never knew you needed

Awesome dog stuff -

Awesome dog stuff you never knew you needed

Our four legged friends are part of the family. Their undivided attention, love and enthusiasm for their ‘pack’ is what makes having a family so rewarding. And as new dog owners soon learn; when a dog becomes a part of your family, you’ll do anything to make sure they’re happy, safe, and in good health throughout their years.

Which is why we wrote this guide. It’s your quick reference guide for cool dog stuff you never knew you needed. And by this, we mean - fun gadgets to keep them entertained, practical gadgets to keep track of them, or help them move around the home more easily. Let’s take a closer look.


Light Up Pet Dog Bright Collar Leash

If you’re an outdoors kind of family and your pooch is faster on foot than you, it can be difficult to keep track of them, particularly at night. We’re sure owners of dark dogs will a test. Which is why this cool LED pet collar leash is such a great idea. It’s fully adjustable to suit any breed, made from plastic and is features a small lightweight battery pack that sits safely behind your dog’s head. And when you consider it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee; you’ll wonder why you haven’t bought one sooner. And hey, why not grab a few as stocking fillers for your friends?


Pet Motorcycle Helmet

Is this not the funniest thing you’ve seen today? It’s a fun, safe and practical gift idea, and because these pet motorcycle helmets come in a range of colours (currently black and pink but ask if you want another), and three sizes (S, M, L) you can choose one for all dog breeds and occasions. The helmet is an original, comfortable, cute fashion statement for any outing. They fit firmly thanks to the nylon chin strap and inner padding. Get yours today!


Pet Selfie Stick Phone Attachment

Capture the perfect photo with your four legged friend every time with this pet selfie stick phone attachment. Share every loving moment with your friend, by ensuring your pet is as excited to snap that perfect picture by getting there attention first time, every time. Just clip a dog treat or your pets favourite small toy to your phone, for awesome pet selfies every time.


Shower Washing Dog Washer Sprayer

We all know how hard it can be to bathe our dogs. Some love the water, while others are barking mad. Now you can make traumatic dog baths a thing of the past thanks for this Comfortable Massage Cleaning Dog Washer. The quick connect hose connector allows for easy fitment to your garden tap. The hand strap allows for secure fitment to your hand, meaning you can hold your dog with one hand, and wash and massage with the other; single handedly. The inbuilt flow control switch allows for each water control, while the soft button massage pad gently gets down through your dogs fur, ensuring a quality clean.


Wickedbone - smart dog toy

Like young kids, your pet needs your company, attention and regular exercise. But when we go to work and school for the day; your dog can get bored, frustrated and anxious. So what should you do? Give them amazingly fun to do! Meet Wickedbone, the world’s first smart dog toy. Wickedbone has two modes. Drive Mode allows you to control it through the Wickedbone App, choosing between its 9 pre-programmed motions, and Interactive Mode, which is designed to attract your dog’s attention and select an automated sequence of movements. In Interactive mode, Wickedbone acts responsively to different types of touch, always in a playful manner that keeps up with your dog’s mood and reactions. See it in action here:


Autoslide iLock Smart Tag Pet Door

Sick of getting up to open the door for your dog to go outside? Imagine if there was a safe and secure way to automatically open and close the door for your dog? Well, these is! The Autoslide iLock Smart Tag Pet Door makes any sliding door into a doggie door. You simply attached the secure RFID tag to your dog’s collar. Install the iLock motor mechanism to your slide door, and custom program the door opening width so you can save energy by limiting the amount of time the door is - and that’s it!  See it in action here.


Dog Dress Up Costume Wig Emulation Lion Hair Mane

We’ve all been to a fancy dress party, and with this Lion Mane Wig, your beloved pet can now be part of the fun. This lion hair mane wig comes in three sizes (s,m,l) suitable to fit dog with a neck diameter of 28-38cm. It colours in five colours; black, which, brown, light brown and dark grey.


Nail Grooming Grinder/Trimmer

Every dog owner will know just how hard it is to clip your four-legged friend’s claws. It’s near impossible at the best of times. Which is why this electric nail grooming care trimmer is a cool gadget and must have for every dog owner. It allows you to take small amounts off at a time, which will prevent accidental cutting through the vein. It’s driven by to AAA batteries, made from ABS plastic, and inclusions large pet and small pet nail cutting heads.


Dog Safety Car Printed Window Fence

Sun shades for your car windows are a great way to reduce in cabin temperatures. If you’re a dog lover, want to block out the hard sun, but need to leave the window down for your pooch to enjoy the fresh air, then this pet friendly Car Window Curtain might be a practical solution for you. It’s dog house graphic will have passer bys entertained, while you dog stays protected from the son, and stay securely in the back of your car.

Electric Vac Hair Remover

SIck of cleaning up dog fur? Does your dog malt during spring? Don’t put up with finding pet hair at every corner, get an electric hair removing vacuum today and enjoy the benefits of a clean and allergy free home. With its built in brush, hair collect, fast acting suction, and super effective powerful motor, keeping the home clean and free of dog fur has never been easier.


Super Soft Pet Finger Toothbrush

Plaque  build up on your dog's teeth can be expensive to remove if it gets out of control. Many pet owners don’t think about their pet's dental hygiene; and it ends up costing them more in the wrong run. If you leave your dog’s dental care to chance; tooth plaque will build up to a point the dog needs to be put under in order to settle them and remove it. Tooth decay can have a use effect on your dog’s teeth health.