78 awesome gift ideas for all occasions | Awesome I Want That!

78 awesome gift ideas for all occasions | Awesome I Want That!

Need gift ideas for someone who has everything? For most of us, giving a gift is about the joy, excitement and surprise it puts on their face than it is anything else. It’s the thought that counts. And with so many awesome gift ideas literally at your fingertips, finding the one they’ll love has never been easier.

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, sibling, husband, wife, the boss, or you just need stocking filler ideas; you’re bound to be inspired by these 78 awesome gift ideas for every occasion.

Gift ideas for someone who has everything

Trying to find a gift for someone that has everything needn’t be tough. Sometimes a novelty gift is the way to go. Perhaps something memorable, unique or just plain whacky. Finding a gift for someone who has everything can be as simple as thinking outside the box.

  1. Desktop Jellyfish Tank
  2. Jetlev Aquaboard
  3. Responsive Pool Table
  4. 3 Player Chess
  5. Foosball Coffee Table
  6. Underwater Light Starship
  7. Walking Dead Monopoly
  8. Snow cycle
  9. Vertical Chess Set
  10. Inflatable Party Cruiser
  11. Gold Bar Door Stop

Gift ideas for him

As the old saying goes; the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So if he is a wizz in kitchen, pours drinks behind the bar or likes to flip snags on the BBQ; why not grab a gift for the foodie in him? Is he into Cars & Motorcycles - perhaps something for his pride and joy?

  1. Sun Stove
  2. Magic Claws
  3. Chilled Beer Cork
  4. Beer can Handle
  5. GPS Windshield Projector
  6. Indoor Smokeless Barbecue
  7. Jedi Bath Robe
  8. Electric Tornado Cocktail Mixer
  9. Das Boot Beer Glass
  10. Latest Men's Clothing

Gift ideas for her

Buying a gift for her can be fun. Perhaps she’s into fun gadgets. Sports. Fashion and beauty. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your mother, wife, sister, cousin, friend or co-worker, these gifts are bound to blow them away.

  1. Active Components
  2. Jewelry & Accessories
  3. Beauty & Health products
  4. Olaf Cuddle Pillow
  5. Lifeproof Phone Case
  6. Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Personalised gifts

Nothing is more memorable than a personalised gift. It’s unique to you and the recipient. So why not take up the ante and get them something personalised? Whether it’s a heartfelt message scribed into its outer case, a one-off signed baseball bat, a family heirloom or something as simple as a luggage tag. Something going personal is the only way to go.

  1. Sports memorabilia
  2. Vintage wrist watches
  3. Fun fashion
  4. Desk toys for engineers
  5. Personalized Luggage Tag

Christmas gift ideas

Ah the chaos of Christmas shopping. Christmas can be frantic as it is - without the stress of choosing the perfect gift. Christmas shopping should be a joyful experience. Here’s 20 ideas to get to started.

  1. Toys & Hobbies
  2. Cycling
  3. School Supplies
  4. Camera & Photo
  5. Cool dog stuff
  6. Cat merchandise
  7. Keychain Phone Charger
  8. Edible Ink Pens
  9. Multitasking Storage Water Bottle
  10. 3D Printing Pen
  11. Smartphone Projector
  12. Handpresso Coffee Machine
  13. Smartphone Laser Tag
  14. Samurai Sword Umbrella
  15. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl
  16. FitBit Charge
  17. Sunnyside Egg Shaper
  18. Quadcopter With Camera
  19. Interactive R2-D2
  20. RC Bubble Copter

Mother's Day gift ideas

What can you do for mum after all these years of care, love and devotion. Whilst most mums won’t be looking for material items; giving her a lift she’ll use, means something and reminds her of you can have a lasting impact.

  1. Home & Garden
  2. Arts,Crafts & Sewing
  3. Computer & Office
  4. Waterproof Notepad
  5. Transparent Book Weight
  6. Gigantic Wine Glass
  7. Kindle Voyage
  8. Bean Bag Lounger

Father's Day gift ideas

So you’ve bought dad socks for the last 5 years running, and it’s about time you got creative. Why not give him something he’ll use? Perhaps something he’s always wanted but considers a luxury?

  1. Computer & Office
  2. Fun gadgets
  3. Badass watches
  4. Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard
  5. Bike Tire Lights
  6. Backpack Bike
  7. Ultimate Survival Kit
  8. Ninja Stars Coat Hangers
  9. FiveFingers Sport Shoes
  10. MeUndies Subscription

Bonus gift ideas

Still not able to make up your mind? Here’s 9 bonus gift ideas for when you want to give the wow factor, but can’t gift the right material object.

  1. Make the present an event
  2. Give an experience
  3. Look to the past
  4. Ask yourself what that person needs
  5. Do some stalking
  6. Include a little bit of yourself
  7. Make them laugh
  8. Be charitable