10 PCS Mobile Phone Signal Booster

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Our new Cellphone Phone Signal Enhancement Gen X Antenna Booster are better than ever! The antenna booster is now stronger, and comes in a shiny gold color. And even better, each booster pack includes 10 stick on boosters, so you can boost the signal of ten devices.

These boosters are not only used for mobile phones, but can also boost the reception on Two Way Radios, PDA's, Walkie Talkies, and even cordless phones in your house.

While the improvements vary depending on the device, these signal boosters improve signal reception, reduce static in boats, elevators, cars, buildings, tunnels, and mountains. And they work on any Analog, Digital, and Tri-band phones.

Better still, they're super easy to install. Simply peel and stick to the inside of your battery compartment.

Brand Name: YYEDC

Model: Gen X Signal Booster

Packing List:

10 * Phone Signal Booster Stickers



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